Have you ever tried any of the new trendy fitness and weight loss fad diets, only to be disappointed?

What To Eat To Lose Weight

It’s about solutions. Solutions that apply to you as an individual, because who knows about what makes you tick better than you? You know your weaknesses, your culture, your habits. More importantly, you know your attitude about food, right?…I mean, sure we all indulge. Who eats only for nourishment? Yet, we often lose control of how much and what we eat on a day to day basis, ignoring – or denying – what we see in the mirror. At some point you wake up thinking oh shoot, it’s that me? When did that happen?

So, you start dieting.

You follow a specific, step by step diet that fails you because it was not designed by you. It was done for you, but without knowing anything about your likes, dislikes, food sensitivities, and even less about your lifestyle, habits, work schedule…and nothing about your approach to food…I mean, ultimately I think that our personalities make us prone to eat or avoid certain foods, don’t you agree?

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