Burn Belly Fat- Even If You Hate To Exercise

How To Burn Belly Fat- Even If You Hate Exercise

burn belly fat


If you want to burn belly fat because having a flat stomach  is your dream, why wait until next year to start making it a reality?

Is putting your plan of action on hold for a month or two really going to make a big difference?

Don’t be that person looking forward to binge during the holidays, meanwhile hiding their growing spare tire in layers of sweat shirts and sweaters during the winter.

The good news is, losing that spare tire is possible

The best part about it is that there is no secret formula.

No magic bullet. No special diet plan, or specific food that especially targets belly fat.

Let me repeat that: There is no secret formula. No special diet plan, or specific food that especially targets belly fat.


Because once you start losing overall weight, belly fat is usually the first fat you lose.

This is a very good thing, not only from an aesthetic perspective. This type of fat is the most dangerous to have.

Recent research has linked fat around the abdomen with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. More specifically, it is not the fat that you can grab that poses the highest health risk, but rather the deepest layer of fat which produces hormones and other substances that negatively affects your health.

This fat is called visceral fat –located next to and in between other organs in the abdominal cavity.

Want to know if you are setting the stage for type 2 diabetes in your own life?

Take a tape measure and measure around your waist at the level of your bellybutton. A measurement that is greater than 35 inches in the women is considered unhealthy.

If most of the fat is in the abdominal area your health risks are greater than if it is in the hips, thighs or rear end.

Why  is belly fat the most dangerous fat to have?

 Researchers have discovered that belly fat is metabolically active and can increase the risk of colon cancer by raising certain hormones that affect cell growth.

Today, scientists and physicians use a waist to hip ratio which is a measurement of waist size divided by hip size as a more reliable gauge of risk factors. A ratio above 0.85 for women or 0.90 for men is higher than average and typically indicates a greater risk.

The way to get your ratio is to use a tape measure to measure the distance around your waist at your belly button and around your hips at the widest part.

If your waist is 28 inches and your hips are 38 inches the equation would look like: 28/38 = .73. This falls below the 0.85 for women.

The question now becomes how do you get rid of this belly fat?belly fat burning foods

Like I said, best way is to begin to lose overall weight because belly fat is one of the first places that most individuals lose weight.

Studies show that a diet with a higher ratio of monounsaturated fats contained in avocados, nuts, seeds and chocolate, can prevent the accumulation of body fat. Fruits high in fiver but low in sugar, like apples and blueberries, and of course leafy, green veggies.

Foods to avoid to reduce belly fat

Trans fats such as margarine, excess carbohydrates of any kind, but particularly processed, refined wheat products, as well as tropical fruits like pineapple, bananas, watermelon, grapes, oranges among others.

Keep in mind that we cannot change the way  fat is distributed on the body due to genetics, childbirth, or  menopause, BUT we can control the foods we eat, and in the right quantities to avoid the excess being stored as fat.

To this end, the objective should be to increase the consumption of high quality, lean protein, and reduce your daily carbohydrate intake. 

Does this mean you never need to exercise to burn belly fat?


It means that you can certainly start burning belly fat – and overall body fat- by eating certain foods more often and in greater quantities than others to actually stimulate metabolism and muscle growth, which will help you burn fat and lose inches around your waist.

To Your Health!

Luz L

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