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Can Certain Food Reverse Diabetes Type 2?

Could changing the way we eat with or without exercise help reverse diabetes type 2?

Remember this post as you feverishly work on your 30 min treadmill routine or 45 min weight training to burn 150 calories, give or take.


  • Nine out of 10 people who are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight.
  • The American Diabetic Association estimates that 80% of the 15 million individuals who suffer from Type 2 diabetes are significantly overweight.
  • Obesity contributes greatly to the development of Diabetes type 2.

No one can argue with those facts. Nor can anybody deny knowing that weight loss will decrease the risk of health problems, diabetes being first on that list.

Truth is, the moment we start losing fat our body’s need for insulin decreases, and our general health immediately improves- namely, reduced stroke, heart attack, eye and circulation problems, to name a few.

 But, how do we lose all that extra fat without exercising, and is it even realistic?

Sure it’s realistic.

Ditching the gym routine may not sound like an ideal situation, but if we don’t have 1-2 hours a day to structure  and implement a new exercise plan, the choice is clear.

We have to start somewhere.

Let me assure you, I am not shunning physical activity, quite the opposite.I enjoy working out and somehow I manage to exercise at least three times a week.

(hint: I postpone house chores and go for a walk instead, life’s short)

That being said, losing weight as a diabetic is no different than for none diabetics.

Neither will shed an ounce of fat as long as there is a caloric surplus in your body. Following that logic, if you chose not to exercise you MUST change your eating habits.

So, say you are ready to start losing by eating better

First thing you need to do is remember that each pound of body weight is EQUAL to 3,500 calories, (write that down) that means a negative caloric intake of 500 calories per day you WILL lose 1 pound of body weight each week.

So you focus on losing just that ONE-pound a week by making better choices every time you sit down to eat.

Bottom line: It’s not so much about which foods may cure diabetes type 2, but more about which you need to ELIMINATE right away from your diet!

I call this system the elimination diet

We all know what that means: Eating less sugary snacks, less white rice and pasta, less hamburgers, less deli meats, less over-processed ‘food’ in general…once you begin this eliminating routine , in essence what’s left to eat are the OTHER foods:

Uncooked meats and whole grains, legumes and fruits and vegetables. Foods that once you start re-learning to enjoy, you’d find out that they are amazingly easy to prepare. I love nopales salad (cactus). They are low glycemic and digest slowly which makes it a great choice when trying to maintain blood glucose levels stable.

Then you add nutritious fats- yes fats- like olive oil, organic butter, coconut oil, avocados, nuts and omega-3 fat from fish oil.

Note: If you’re not eating these kinds of fats you’re disrupting hormone balance and you will NOT lose weight no matter how little you eat!

Why Only One Pound A Week?

Because your goals must be realistic.weight goals

Think about it.

At 3500 calories/pound, if you lose 10 pounds in one week you would have to have a negative calorie intake of 35,000 calories!  This is not possible.

Instead, focus on achieving a gradual loss that can be maintained.  This results in a healthy body and mind and can also result in the elimination of medication to control Type 2 diabetes. (2)

Also, keep in mind that losing as little as 1 pound a week will result in significant health benefits when it comes to blood sugar levels to help reverse diabetes type 2, and once you see AND feel the difference I think you’ll get ambitious and begin an exercise routine to fit your schedule.

Besides, when was the last time you actually visualized an entire pound of fat off your tummy?

It’s simple math. The result is cumulative.

Only one pound of fat lost each week equals to 52 lbs by the end of a year, which  will increase your metabolism, which  will help regulate your insulin levels even further…and the health benefits keep adding up. (3)

To Your Health!



(1) Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health: Relation of Weight gain and Weigh Loss on Subsequent Diabetes Risk in Overweight Adults

(2) American Diabetes Association: Food and Fitness Weight Loss

(3) American Diabetes Association: Food and Fitness Physical Activity


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