Is Exercise Really Necessary?

fitness goals

Are you wondering if exercise is really necessary? Did you know that regular exercise boosts brain power, reduces heart disease risk, and lowers cholesterol levels? According to researchers, just one and half hours of physical activity per week can decrease your risk of premature death by over 20 percent, and the risk of diabetes by […]

Do These Three Things And Lose Fat

to lose fat do these three things

Do These Three Things And Lose Fat It’s the beginning of the year, and as you step out of the shower you’re thinking that you gotta lose that extra fat around your belly one way or another, so you can fit into a hot, sexy bathing suit. Or a new pair of slim fit jeans. […]

How To Burn Fat After A Physical Injury

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If you have been stressed out looking for ways to learn how to burn fat, but unable to exercise due to pain from an injury, today I share a few techniques our patients used at the clinic with excellent results. But first things first: Let me say that after a brief hiatus, I am happy to […]

How To Lose Weight After 40

Learn how to lose weight after 40

Learn How To Lose Weight After 40 With These Easy Steps Do you think losing weight at the age of forty is hard? It can be. Truth is, losing weight at 10, 15, or 25 can be just as hard. Just ask the moms of the overweight teenagers I meet daily at work. But let’s face it, […]

Quick Weight Loss Centers Lie

Quick Weight Loss Centers Lie The 3 Lies Most Quick Weight Loss Centers Tell As a nutritionist, my biggest challenge in helping people on their journey to weight loss is the endless dilemma of whether to be nice or bold when addressing nutrition habits and lifestyle. Every time I prepare a session, I am reminded about […]

Can Certain Food Reverse Diabetes Type 2?

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Could changing the way we eat with or without exercise help reverse diabetes type 2? Remember this post as you feverishly work on your 30 min treadmill routine or 45 min weight training to burn 150 calories, give or take. Facts: Nine out of 10 people who are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight. […]

How To Gain Muscle-Tips For Ladies

food for strong bones

Ladies, Learn How To Gain Muscle To Stay Strong And Prevent Osteoporosis We exercise to burn fat and lose weight, but did you know that when done correctly, regular exercise not only results in muscle gain, (nicely defined) but it stimulates new bone growth? If you are a woman over 35 and you exercise, you are improving […]

Workout And Nutrition Plan Dilemma

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How To Create The Workout And Nutrition Plan That’s Right For You-And Avoid The Dilemma Here you are again, staring at your scale near the end of the year and pondering whether to start a new nutrition plan, or worse, a workout plan. Ugh! Wait…you do admit the fact that you need to workout and […]

I Need To Lose 20 Pounds By New Years Eve!

Lose 20 pounds this holiday

Luz, I Need To Lose 20 Pounds By New Years Eve! That’s what one of my students said to me last week during a session. My response was that a weight loss goal of 20 pounds between now and New Years, was doable. But then she said, “It’s because I have a special party to […]

You Won’t Believe The Things Your Brain Does To Make You Overeat!

woman craves junk food

If you tend to overeat, and are already overweight, or to the contrary, you are thin or “normal” weight your brain will try to keep you that way. How is that possible? The reason is simple, your brain resists change and whether you want to lose ten pounds by changing your eating habits, starting an […]

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