How To Lose Weight After 40

Learn how to lose weight after 40

Learn How To Lose Weight After 40 With These Easy Steps Do you think losing weight at the age of forty is hard? It can be. Truth is, losing weight at 10, 15, or 25 can be just as hard. Just ask the moms of the overweight teenagers I meet daily at work. But let’s face it, […]

Quick Weight Loss Centers Lie

Quick Weight Loss Centers Lie The 3 Lies Most Quick Weight Loss Centers Tell As a nutritionist, my biggest challenge in helping people on their journey to weight loss is the endless dilemma of whether to be nice or bold when addressing nutrition habits and lifestyle. Every time I prepare a session, I am reminded about […]

How To Gain Muscle-Tips For Ladies

food for strong bones

Ladies, Learn How To Gain Muscle To Stay Strong And Prevent Osteoporosis We exercise to burn fat and lose weight, but did you know that when done correctly, regular exercise not only results in muscle gain, (nicely defined) but it stimulates new bone growth? If you are a woman over 35 and you exercise, you are improving […]

I Need To Lose 20 Pounds By New Years Eve!

Lose 20 pounds this holiday

Luz, I Need To Lose 20 Pounds By New Years Eve! That’s what one of my students said to me last week during a session. My response was that a weight loss goal of 20 pounds between now and New Years, was doable. But then she said, “It’s because I have a special party to […]

Planning To Cancel Your Gym Membership?- Five Reasons Not To

If you are planning to quit your workouts and cancel your gym membership contract, read this first. You might change your mind. Just a few months ago I was thinking about cancelling my gym membership when I came across an article written by a 10 year old little girl about how eating healthy and exercising saved […]

Getting Fit-The Process-

Getting Fit. A Process Indeed. The discipline, mental toughness, strong will…blah, blah. Getting fit is a process… And it can all go down the tube pretty quickly at the prospect of a much more comfortable evening, cuddling on the sofa enjoying a hot cup chocolate. The workouts can wait, or the healthy eating routine for that matter… Getting […]

What Is Body Transformation?

no gym workouts

What Is The Difference Between Body Transformation And Muscle Building?” Today I wanted to talk about body transformation because I get this question often: ‘What is the difference between body transformation and muscle building?’ 

Serious About Fitness Goals?

Get Serious About Fitness Goals! I wonder if this has ever happened to you I know that every situation is different and obviously fitness and health goals cannot be the same for everyone, but today I wanted to address people’s resistance to improve or make lifestyle changes even when faced with the possibility  of serious […]

Mindful Fitness and Exercising

Full -engaged brain

Mindful Fitness Means Engaging Your Mind First I have been  asked about the connection between  Body-Mind and nutrition as it relates to physical health and fitness. Since I place a huge emphasis on nutrition as part of a weight loss plan, supported by weight training, cardio routines, subsequent assessments, progress monitoring, accountability etc… …the implication […]

Fitness Attitude: It’s All In Our Head

Body mind connection

Our tendencies to avoid pain prevent us from reaching our goals. We are capable of justifying (fabricating) the most outrageous behaviors in order to avoid stepping into the uncertain, the unfamiliar. Until is too late…. or a lot more difficult.

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