Learn how to lose weight after 40

How To Lose Weight After 40

Learn How To Lose Weight After 40 With These Easy Steps

Do you think losing weight at the age of forty is hard?

It can be.

Truth is, losing weight at 10, 15, or 25 can be just as hard.losing weight

Just ask the moms of the overweight teenagers I meet daily at work.

But let’s face it, at the age of forty losing weight can be especially challenging for women, because it’s at that age when hormonal imbalances begin to cause the dreaded pre-menopausal symptoms, including weight gain.

So, if losing weight was a challenge in your younger years it becomes a bigger issue at age forty, and f it was not an issue before, it will become one from now on.

So let’s  be honest, regardless of your age, unless you learn how to eat right, and get plenty of exercise. Guess  what…it’s not gonna happen.

Not only do you have to improve your eating habits, and exercise…You must be patient too…and disciplined and determined.

Like the saying goes:

“If you want to go east, do not go west.”

–Ramakrishna —

Think about it, when was the last time you reached a goal, won anything, or got what you wanted by doing things that sabotaged your objectives?

You first had to think about what you wanted, then you found a way to get it until you got it. There is a path to success in anything and weight loss it’s no exception.

Here’s the cold truth: 

As we age our metabolism slows down. Everyone knows that. But what not everyone knows is that this slowing down of our metabolism is evolutionary.

Not to be dramatic but the fact is our brain starts to set things in motion to prepare our bodies for the last stage in all living organisms: death, which happens right around the time our internal slows down the ticking and the brain signals all organs in our body to slow down and stop growing.

We refer to this process as  being “over the hill”

over the hill or over forty

Fortunately for us in this day and age we are likely to stick around way past our 40’s and 50’s, regardless of what our ticking clocks might be telling us, so we might as well learn how to stay healthy and more importantly, away from hospitals as much as possible.

So what choices do you have?

The way I see it, it’s not a matter of IF we are going to live to the age of 80, but of  the type of quality of life we will have by then in terms of health and strength.

The fact is, lean muscle mass in the body is reduced significantly as we age, which affects metabolic rate.

In other words: The less lean muscle we have, the slower our metabolism; So even if we eat the same amount of calories we did when we were younger, we would still gain weight, and excess weight inevitably leads to premature aging.

The good news is, if you increase your metabolic by eating protein -loaded, homemade meals(or minimally processed), and low carb dishes that include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

A few other “must do’s” 

  • Learn how to replace junk, high calorie foods with something healthier. It takes some trial and error to figure out what healthy meals and snacks  to replace your usual ones with.
  • Take your lunch to work with you every day, and make it a healthy one. This will help you resist the temptation to run through the drive-thru at lunch, and from hitting the snack machine during the day.
  • Reduce your caloric intake by 200 calories per day. You can do this by adding more vegetables as a side dish. The vegetables will fill you up without the added calories. ( I recommend steamed or slightly sauteed veggies)
  • Stay away from deep-fried foods. Bake, sauteed  or grill all of your meats. This will cut down on the fat content of the foods. It will also help keep your cholesterol levels under control.
  • Have your hormone levels checked, and discuss your options for hormone replacement treatments with your health practitioner, because even a small imbalance can sabotage your weight loss efforts. However, more than likely once you start eating healthier your hormones begin to do a better job of regulating your metabolism.

To Learn How To Lose Weight After 40

Last but not least:

Keep in mind that even if you eat a healthy diet, you will need to add exercise to lose weight after forty. Remember that you are battling against a sluggish metabolism. It is up to you to increase it by adding exercise and lean muscle mass. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing and do it often, every day if possible, especially some type of resistance training routine.

Key Point: Adding muscle will help to burn more fat.resistance training builds muscle better than cardio alone

It’s critical that you cut out the junk foods and start eating more fish and  lean meats; poultry, dairy, fresh fruit, vegetables, and go easy on the whole grains- because in spite of what you might have read about the wonders of whole grains, they ARE still carbs, and they will raise your blood sugar levels, leading to increased body fat.

Add a little exercise and you’re set for life!

To Your Health!

Luz L

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Quick Weight Loss Centers Lie

Quick Weight Loss Centers Lie

The 3 Lies Most Quick Weight Loss Centers Tell

As a nutritionist, my biggest challenge in helping people on their journey to weight loss is the endless dilemma of whether to be nice or bold when addressing nutrition habits and lifestyle.Many quick weight loss centers lie about what it takes to burn fat

Every time I prepare a session, I am reminded about what an old gym trainer told me years ago:

“You can’t help them all, so help only those who really want to help themselves, don’t cuddle your clients, avoid the sugar-coating and tell it like it is”

Like it or not, the weight loss industry is here to stay and if profit is the number one goal for many diet centers they might not fully disclose everything about their weight loss methods while sugar coating the reasons behind lack of performance as it relates to nutritional habits.

 The 3 Lies Quick Weight Loss Centers Like to Tell

1- Our Approach Is Different- Really? how so? Do they take the time to explore the reasons why you gained weight in the first place? Sure, you may have been eating too much of the wrong food for years, but you won’t start eating differently just because someone tell you to. There’s more to obesity than overeating.

Do they tell the truth about diet vs lifestyle, and that changing nutritional intake for as long as it takes you to reach a certain goal will make you gain the weight back almost as soon as you reach your “goal”?

2-It’s Simple And Easy- No it’s not. Losing weight it’s never as easy as some weight loss centers would like you to believe. They simply sugar coat the damage you caused to your body and avoid addressing the underlying issue that got you to where you are today. Like nutritional misinformation leading to wrong eating habits,  lack of activity,  hormonal imbalances, genetic make up, culture. The list goes on.

This minimizing of the problem is an attempt to focus on the solution, which sounds good in theory, because it’s what you want, but simple and easy? Don’t fall for it.

More than likely they are just being nice to keep you as a client.

3-No Exercise Required- This is a good one. Sounds great, doesn’t it? While not a total lie because it’s true that you could lose weight without exercise, the reality is that your chances of gaining it back are greatly increased, especially if you lost it fast using some of those new medically supervised methods to suppress hunger in the form injections or pills.

Before I go any further, let me assure you that there are many reputable weight loss clinics prescribing medications and supplements that truly help with weight loss.

Conduct Your Own Research, Ask Questions

Do your own research, but best of all, research yourself first.

What do you think you have been doing for the past few years that made you overweight?

Have you been overweight since childhood?

What do you remember eating when you were 5, 10 years old? Are you feeding your kids the same foods perpetuating the problem?

If you gained too much weight after your pregnancies and could not get back in shape, why do you think that was? Be honest. It could be a combination of lack of time to prepare healthy meals and hormonal imbalance resulting from your pregnancies.

Perhaps, you quit doing whatever activities you were doing before…Life happens.

life events

Once you answer all these questions, then you are ready for the diet centers.

This way you won’t get sucked into the promises of quick loss with fad diets that don’t provide enough nutrition to support your health, but deprive you of the foods you truly love.

By then, you will know…

That the reason you gained weight has a basis in physiology, meaning that when you lose weight on a fast diet you lose lean muscle mass- especially if you don’t exercise-by eating too little calories.

You will get tired of feeling deprived because your brain wants what it wants  (habits) to survive.

You will know better than to just want to lose the weight fast, because this reversal in nutritional intake results in a weight gain of FAT, and since the metabolic rate of  fat is lower than that of muscle mass it now takes LESS food to gain back the weight you lost.

I repeat: Because the metabolic rate of fat is lower than the metabolic rate of muscle, you will gain the weight back even if you eat less.

So if long, life health is your goal -whether that translates into increased energy, ability to do all the things you want or need without pain or too much effort, or if it simply means you’ll stay away from the doctor’s office -then permanent, nutritional changes are a must.

You can only accomplish this through diligent work at first. It will get simpler and easier with repetition, like everything else in life.

But not with quick fad diets or promises of numbers of pounds lost each day, such as those some quick weight loss centers advertise.

To Your Health!

Luz L



food for strong bones

How To Gain Muscle-Tips For Ladies

Ladies, Learn How To Gain Muscle To Stay Strong And Prevent Osteoporosis

We exercise to burn fat and lose weight, but did you know that when done correctly, regular exercise not only results in muscle gain, (nicely defined) but it stimulates new bone growth?

If you are a woman over 35 and you exercise, you are improving your chances of preventing osteoporosis, the type that evolves from bone loss as we get older.

Osteoporosis causes bone loss in the hips, spine and wrists, making them brittle and susceptible to low impact, but painful fractures. More than thirty five million American women suffer from it.

As if that’s not enough, it also causes us to appear shorter as we age…so, we actually “shrink” in height…


Not a good think to look forward to.

Osteoporosis is NOT curable. But increased muscle and bone mass it’s important at any age.

Imagine you are enjoying a nice stroll around the park and suddenly you step on a pebble or loose gravel, losing your balance and twisting your ankle.

As incidental as that might sound, it can be catastrophic if you have weak bones, even at a young age. Depending on the severity of the accident, your ankle would be swollen and sore, and you could be in pain for a couple of days or longer.

But what if you had been working out your legs for months prior to the injury?

Your ankle would be healed in no time flat. A little swelling and soreness that would go away in minutes or a few hours max, and you’re good to go.

It all comes down to this:

Training. All athletes, professional players and boxers do it. In essence, they prepare their bodies to take the blows and falls. They build bones while increasing muscle mass.

We can simply call it prevention. Our own “health insurance”  so that we too, prepare our bodies for those unexpected punches.

So if you work out to burn fat and build muscle, you are getting the awesome bonus of a stronger bones “insurance”.

Here’s how to gain muscle by exercising with weights, or doing any type of resistance training activity:

Weight lifting encourages muscle to pull on bone as it builds bone tissue. The stress of pulling and motion helps to increase the body’s response to bone building.

Weight-bearing exercises, which stress the bones at the hips, spine and wrists, include:

  • Weightlifting
  • Stair climbing
  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Other activities that make you work through gravity.

NOTE: Walking and swimming are great for cardio, however, not so good for building bone.

In a study conducted by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, doctors measure the bone density of athletes and proved that  mass density is higher across most boards but particularly high in individuals who practice weight lifting, gymnastics and soccer.  Since gymnastics is difficult to learn and soccer requires an entire team, weight lifting in an osteoporosis program is the best option. (1,2)

Feed Your Bones Right. Always include the following in your diet:

  •  Adequate amounts of calcium– at least 800 mg/day
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K2
  • Eliminate tobacco and limit alcoholic beverages
Note: If you don’t eat dairy products, be sure to eat lots of salmon, sardines and green leafy veggies.

In short, by using weight training to increase strength AND burn fat to lose weight women can also build bones (new bone tissue) and improve their strength and ability to balance, thus minimizing their risk of falls and fractures at any age. (3)

To Your Health!

Luz L

(1) The University of Arizona Bone Builders: Exercise


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I Need To Lose 20 Pounds By New Years Eve!

Luz, I Need To Lose 20 Pounds By New Years Eve!Lose 20 pounds before New Years

That’s what one of my students said to me last week during a session.

My response was that a weight loss goal of 20 pounds between now and New Years, was doable.

But then she said, “It’s because I have a special party to go to and I want to look great and fit in this awesome dress I bought”

When I asked her if she would like to learn how to lose 20 lbs for this holiday AND to stay thinner forever…her quick response was, of course!…”But for now 20 is the magic number for me, I am afraid to commit long term”

Vanity comes to the rescue

When fear of failure prevents us from making new weight loss goals, being vain it’s a good thing

In this new era of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, cosmeceuticals, neutracuticals and med-spa centers where the essence of fitness forever seem to be the ongoing trend, the question is why not?

Can we stay fit forever?

In his book “Ageless Mind, Ageless Body”, Dr Perricone writes about how  people are hardly impressed to hear that by improving their eating habits they can increase their energy and overall health, but when they learn that they can also drastically improve their looks, decrease and prevent wrinkles and sagging skin, suddenly they pay attention.

Not surprisingly, I think, since the mere idea of nutrition as therapy or prevention still puzzles a lot of people. This brings this old saying to memory:

 “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently, is an art

-Francois La Rochefoucauld-“

 So, why not be vain while eating intelligently!

When it comes to health and fitness, looking young and attractive is an amazing motivator; so being vain in this case makes a lot of sense, because  if the results of eating a more natural and nutritious diet is a smooth complexion and a more attractive, sexier look,  well…

Losing 20 pounds is just a bonus.

So the OLD rules remain true right? We are what we eat, more now then ever.

What about you?

Do you also need to lose 20 pounds for this holiday?

If so, try some of these 7 tips to get started:

1-     Measure your waist and thighs

2-     Clean your pantry of all boxed processed foods, including pasta; flour mixes and peanut butter- eat REAL nuts.

3-     Throw out any sodas, juices, fruit yogurts, white breads and other junk like chips and cookies. Out of sight, out of…

4-     Buy dry legumes you like, such as lentils, beans etc. and some whole grain cereals/bread.

5-     Get a simple, not gourmet, low-carb (not extremely low) recipe book- and use it!

6-     Start a food journal

7-     Hit the gym –or in home body workouts- and start a high intensity workout- (or ANY type of workout)

Good luck with your goal and enjoy the holidays!

To Your Health!

Did You Know that you can Burn fat without exercise?

Luz L

Planning To Cancel Your Gym Membership?- Five Reasons Not To

If you are planning to quit your workouts and cancel your gym membership contract, read this first.

You might change your mind.

Just a few months ago I was thinking about cancelling my gym membership when I came across an article written by a 10 year old little girl about Cancel gym membershiphow eating healthy and exercising saved her mom’s life.

Though my intention was not to quit working out for good, just thought I’d design my home workout routine, the message hit home in a special way. Read more

Getting Fit-The Process-

Getting Fit. A Process Indeed.

The discipline, mental toughness, strong will…blah, blah.

Getting fit is a process…

And it can all go down the tube pretty quickly at the prospect of a much more comfortable evening, cuddling on the sofa enjoying a hot cup chocolate.

The workouts can wait, or the healthy eating routine for that matter…

Getting Fit, Oh, yeah…Very Familiar Scenario

You have been through that, right?

I know I have.

I just decided not to renew my gym membership, convincing myself I would immediately continue working out at home. Yeah. Read more

What Is Body Transformation?

What Is The Difference Between Body Transformation And Muscle Building?”

Today I wanted to talk about body transformation because I get this question often: ‘What is the difference between body transformation and muscle building?’  body transformation with resistance training Read more

Serious About Fitness Goals?

Get Serious About Fitness Goals!

I wonder if this has ever happened to you

I know that every situation is different and obviously fitness and health goals cannot be the same for everyone, but today I wanted to address people’s resistance to improve or make lifestyle changes even when faced with the possibility  of serious chronic illnesses.

Most,if not all of  the patients I have met over the years simply refuse to acknowledge the direct relationship between lifestyle changes and overall health and fitness.

So today I gotta ask you,

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

Other questions you should be asking:

  • How bad do you want to reach your goals?
  • How hard are you willing to work to achieve them?
  • Do you have a vision of your future?
  • Can you actually see yourself being thinner, healthier or at least off of the weight loss roller coaster ride?

Is it time to re-evaluate your values?

Tony Robbins, the famous, motivational guru once wrote to the effect that if your life values do not match, your life IS out of whack.

If your health is somewhere at the top of your priority list because you place a high value on it, but you eat french toast for breakfast, fried chicken for lunch, and the last time you exercised was this morning – walking from the parking lot to your office – your values might need some re-aligning.

If your vision, like mine is to challenge yourself physically the way you probably do in business and so many other areas of your life, then it’s time you seek help.

Has this happened to you?

Has anybody ever gotten you so frustrated by watching their self-destructive behavior and wondering what you could do to help them?

Is it possible you are doing these things to yourself, thereby sabotaging your fitness goals in the process?

Have you reached that point in your life in which you realized you must either be proactive, starting NOW or atrophy, as surely you will if you take no action?

If you have, that’s a great sign you are heading in the right direction. Nothing like a big dose of reality and self-awareness to begin your new journey to a healthier you.

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Luz Laureano

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Luz Laureano

Full -engaged brain

Mindful Fitness and Exercising

Mindful Fitness Means Engaging Your Mind FirstFull -engaged brain

I have been  asked about the connection between  Body-Mind and nutrition as it relates to physical health and fitness.

Since I place a huge emphasis on nutrition as part of a weight loss plan, supported by weight training, cardio routines, subsequent assessments, progress monitoring, accountability etc…

…the implication is that aerobic conditioning and weight training are independent of Mind-Body fitness as the term traditionally implies (Yoga, Pilates etc)

My answer is that physical fitness has everything to do with the mindful fitness….

The commitment to transform our bodies, the challenge, the discipline, the excitement and the rewards, not to mention the first step we must take to even get a mentor, a support group or a solo adventure into a new journey of health and fitness.

If all that does not engage our minds, I don’t know what does.

From a biological stand point, our brain is always in charge, ready to accept or refuse any new challenges we present it with (at a conscious and subconscious level)

I workout often but as much as love the  energy I get after a hike or gym session , I still must fight the voice in my head that tells me, “not today, you are too busy, you’re running late, you can skip a day or two!”

I know it’s my brain doing its thing…

…And I know it is very good at trying to always get set me  back to the old status-quo, to the familiar, safe and painless state of affairs (i.e,  staying in bed a little longer)

But I also know that my other voice, my conscious mind must win… and win often.

Body-Mind weight management, exercising, fitness, appetite control…

Call it what you want, it’s all in the mind and the brain is king-

Even though many mysteries regarding the workings of the brain are still unresolved, researches have been able to prove this much:

The brain is highly pliable.

That’s what I refer to as mindful fitness…

All things being equal and any physiological deficiencies or imbalances being ruled out, we can re-program our brain to suit out needs, and one of the easiest ways to do it in regards to new habit formation and stick- it- to- tivism, is through repetition and visualization.

Here’s how you start…

Ask yourself  3 questions:

  1. Have you reached that point in your life in which you think some changes are in order?
  2. How bad do you want to achieve those goals?
  3. Are you willing to do what it takes to make them happen?

To your health!

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Fitness Attitude: It’s All In Our Head

Fitness attitude or mindset- When you know there’s gotta be a way to get you motivated

Do you cringe at the thought of exercising?Body mind connection

Too boring. Too painful. Too time consuming.

Lack of time is the main excuse…

Fact is, they are all excuses that influence our fitness attitude, but we call them justifications and we use them to avoid discomfort.

Truth is, we all know what we have to do, but instead of focusing on looking for our jogging shoes and sweats, we think of how boring the gym routine will be,  and we  let the memories of the last workout decide for us …Boy, was I sore last time!

Consider this:

Client calls me saying she wants to lose weight.

She sounds depressed and desperate.  At 41 she already suffers from high blood pressure and lack of energy. Her doctor suggestions: relax, sleep more, lose weight.

Just like that.

As if it were that easy, she said. I asked her why she thought it wouldn’t be easy, her answer: “Because I know I won’t stop eating bread”

Then she said:  I also know I won’t be able to exercise because I have a family and two jobs, so I don’t have time!

Then It Hit Her

At that moment she realized that she had many reasons to avoid the pain of discomfort.

It All Boils Down To Fear Of Pain

Depriving ourselves from the pleasures of eating something we like cause us pain, so yeah, we will try to avoid pain, because the comfort zone it’s safe.

The unfamiliar and difficult is painful, and who wants that? that’s why we resist change, and so we keep doing what feels good, safe and comfortable. Year in and year out.

Until we reach bottom, and then is too late…or a lot more difficult.

Don’t let that happen to you

Take the first step…make a plan of action..then do it and DON’T stop.

Too many people stop too soon  they give up when they are barely starting to see results.

Yeah, I know…life happens.

You got a new job, you got no job, uncle Grump shows up.

No matter.

Start again, and again.

The key is to keep going, don’t stop, get motivated, hire a mentor, read related books….do whatever it takes to stay focused.

Fitness attitude starts in your brain. You just gotta stay stronger when your brain wants you to quit.

To your health!

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