to lose fat do these three things

Do These Three Things And Lose Fat

Do These Three Things And Lose Fat

lose fat and inches

It’s the beginning of the year, and as you step out of the shower you’re thinking that you gotta lose that extra fat around your belly one way or another, so you can fit into a hot, sexy bathing suit.

Or a new pair of slim fit jeans.

You promise yourself that starting today, you are going to work out often and eat healthier

And so you embark on yet another diet.

You commit to eating less and healthier for as long as it takes to lose fat,  as much as possible- forgetting that the last time you did that and lost the weight you quickly gained it all back.

You gained it all back and some, because little by little you returned to your old habits. The same habits that brought you to the point where you wanted to lose weight in the first place.

So,you proved to yourself again that quick diets do not work, but you are thinking that maybe it was YOU that must have done something wrong for the diet not to work, and maybe this time you will succeed if you follow the diet more carefully.

The thing is, the ONLY thing that will guarantee results is lifestyle changes, not diets

Making permanent lifestyle changes that result in over-all, improved health that won’t rebound is the best solution to your weight gain problem. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, losing weight is a skill, and it takes planning and determination.

Here’s what happens:

When a person originally loses weight on quick diets they often lose lean muscle mass because of the nutritional mistakes they make using fad diets, too little calories or depriving the body of the fuel it needs to survive.

The weight gain is often more than what they lost because of the rebound effect, which means that the fat they gain burns less calories than lean muscle mass, and since the metabolic rate of fat is lower than that of muscle mass, it now takes a lower amount of calories to gain back the weight they lost and then some.

Note: If you decide to quit “cold turkey” and give up all over-processed and greasy food, like white bread, pasta, pastries, hamburgers, fries, and start controlling your portions, etc know that there are certain natural appetite suppressants in the market that could help in curving your cravings- do your research.

So, how do we change our eating habits?

Slowly, methodically and deliberately.

Change your eating habits slowly. Nutritional changes are best accomplished (slowly) in moderation. Totally depriving yourself of all jeat less sugar and more fruitunk food will only lead to another roller coaster ride that you finally fall off of.

Realizing that it’s time to re-think your eating habits  you can take the first three steps to implement small changes in your diet that will lead to a HUGE successful end goal.

So, do these three things and lose fat:

  1. Start by increasing your water intake, especially in between meals not with meals.
  2. Next, eliminate (deliberately) ONE bad food and replace it with its healthy equivalent- whatever that might be. Practice the out-of sight -out-of mind cliche.
  3. Record everything that goes into your mouth.

That’s right…

Methodically log in what you eat every day. It’s as simple as installing MyFitness Pal or a similar app on your phone to track your daily nutrition.

What if you hate keeping track of what you eat?

You get over it and do it anyway!

You will be surprised how using an app to track your meals will help you eliminate many of the foods you eat that are full of empty calories and no nutrition.

The apps come in handy when eating out, reminding you that what you are about to order is too high in carbs or very high in certain vitamins.

Keep in mind that you can only accomplish permanent dietary changes for a healthy lifestyle through diligent work, not quick fad diets or promises of numbers of pounds lost each day.

Do not get sucked in by advertising promises, but remember that you are caring for the only body you have which has been built to last your lifetime.

To your health!

Luz L

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