The Truth About Obesity And Infertility

Trying to conceive

The Facts About Obesity and Infertility.     Women carrying 30% or more body fat are at a great risk of having obesity related infertility problems. A US Women’s Health Study concluded that even a slightly elevated BMI (Body Mass Index – measurement of height compared to weight) at the age of 18 was a […]

Sleep Apnea Linked To Obesity

 If You Snore And Are Overweight… You may suffer from sleep apnea. When I was a little girl I used to lay awake in horror, listening to my mother’s loud snoring and anxiously waiting for her to resume breathing. Every night I would go to bed worried, wondering what was wrong with her and whether […]

Holiday Meals Without Guilt

Holiday meal

Holiday Meals Without Guilt Imagine a family and friends reunion, everyone mingling around in the living room trying to make small talk about anything and everything… over drinks…I mean…over cups full of water and no food? Nothing against drinking water at a party, but you get my point. Imagine a birthday party without a cake, or […]

Eating Healthy-7 Step Minimalist Guide

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Is Eating Healthy  On Your Menu But Pressed For Time And short On Ideas? Dare to experiment with new, simple and healthy menus? Preparing healthy meals for you and your family doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming project. If you are willing to rethink (and replace) old-fashioned, family cooking in favor of more natural, truly nutritious […]

Workout And Nutrition Plan Dilemma

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How To Create The Workout And Nutrition Plan That’s Right For You-And Avoid The Dilemma Here you are again, staring at your scale near the end of the year and pondering whether to start a new nutrition plan, or worse, a workout plan. Ugh! Wait…you do admit the fact that you need to workout and […]

I Need To Lose 20 Pounds By New Years Eve!

Lose 20 pounds this holiday

Luz, I Need To Lose 20 Pounds By New Years Eve! That’s what one of my students said to me last week during a session. My response was that a weight loss goal of 20 pounds between now and New Years, was doable. But then she said, “It’s because I have a special party to […]

You Won’t Believe The Things Your Brain Does To Make You Overeat!

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If you tend to overeat, and are already overweight, or to the contrary, you are thin or “normal” weight your brain will try to keep you that way. How is that possible? The reason is simple, your brain resists change and whether you want to lose ten pounds by changing your eating habits, starting an […]

How To Burn Fat Without Exercise

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Have you been looking for a way to burn fat without exercise? You and every body else. Practically. Truth is, a  great majority of the people I know really hate to exercise on a regular basis. It’s not that they are totally anti-exercise; They find the effort and time needed to get  fit is, well…boring. 

Weight Loss And Hormones Connection

Have you ever wondered about the connection between weight loss and hormones? If you are one of many women struggling to lose weight since childhood, in spite of eating healthy and increased activity, consider having your hormone levels checked. The culprit could be a sluggish thyroid. If your problem, however, increased as you got older, […]

Weight Training For Women- Is It Safe?

Do you think weight training -for- women routines are dangerous? Yesterday I went to the gym to do my regular 45 min workout. I ended up staying there for well over an hour. And that’s not counting what it took me to finish my actual workout. What took me so long?  It was the guys…Yes, seeing […]

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