Anti-Inflammatory Diets- What You Should Know-

Great source of Omega 3 fats

Before I begin discussing anti-inflammatory diets let me briefly explain inflammation. What is inflammation, what causes it and what role do anti-inflammatory diets play in controlling it: Remember the last time you spilled hot oil on your hands while frying eggs in a hurry and the  small blister you got suddenly got swollen, then you […]

How To Stretch Your Shoulders Without Exercise

shoulder pain solution

How To Stretch Your Shoulders Without Exercise. If  you had a recent  injury to your shoulders and need to stretch and strengthen them without exercise, or maybe you  simply need to relieve pain and soreness after a long workout, try the Rotater shown on this video below…

Changes In Your Brain Cause You To Stay Fat

Reasons why the brain rules when you are trying to lose fat

Do changes in your brain make you hungry? A recent article in Medical News Today talks about how certain changes in our brain  practically conspire to sabotage our plans to grow thinner, making us gain back those recently lost pounds… …So if you are feeling as if somehow the deck is stacked against you because every time you lose […]

Trying To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

losing fat and inches can be more important

Are you still struggling to lose weight after pregnancy, even though your baby is already over a year old? If so, don’t give up on yourself thinking that it’s normal and that having kids translates into staying chubby. While it’s true that the hormonal changes we undergo during pregnancy are the main reasons we gain […]

Slimming Down?-Time To Celebrate!

Time to celebrate! Have a toast to the New You! Starting a new fitness challenge  can be a slow, frustrating process, which makes it seem like reaching your goal will take forever. Let’s face it While it’s true that eating better is more than half the battle in your journey to slimming down and overall weight loss, the […]

I Am Not A Vegetarian- Here’s Why

I am not a vegetarian Some people wonder why, as a natural health food fan and nutritionist, I am not fond of a vegetarian lifestyle. The answer is never easy, and often leads to debates-even if friendly- but still…So here ‘s a short version of some facts and my reasons for opposing a vegetarian di et. […]

Start a Weight Loss Recipe Collection

Start a weight loss success recipe collection and avoid eating the same, old boring protein shakes and bars! This is just what it sounds like; a collection of recipes that focus on healthy eating for weight loss.  Why is this such a powerful tool? Because next to not having enough time, one of the reasons why […]

Spinach And Weight Loss

eat spinach and lose weight

Spinach is like a “wonder food” When it comes to good health, spinach and weight loss go hand in hand. “On the subject of spinach: Divide it into little piles. Rearrange again into new piles. After five or six maneuvers, sit back and say you are full.” – Delia Ephron – Do you feel the same […]

Can’t Lose Weight And Still Lying About The Reasons?

weight loss

Can’t lose weight yet, but still lying about the reasons? Do you often justify your actions by saying it’s because you have a slow metabolism… after all, you HARDLY eat all day, you never eat candy or potato chips, but you still can’t lose weight? Do you think   it RUNS in the family…So you’re destined to be fat?. […]

Control Stress And Lose Weight

Learn to control stress and lose weight in the process – “Stress is the confusion created when one’s mind overrides the body’s basic desire to choke the living daylights out of some jerk who desperately deserves it” – – Author Unknown – LOL! Now that I made you smile, here’s the serious stuff about stress […]

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