Transform Your Body, Change Your Life

Time To Transform Your Body, Change Your Life-One Workout At A Time Change IS good. We all know that…BUT, can it really be that hard to transform your body and change your life in the process?

Mindful Fitness and Exercising

Full -engaged brain

Mindful Fitness Means Engaging Your Mind First I have been  asked about the connection between  Body-Mind and nutrition as it relates to physical health and fitness. Since I place a huge emphasis on nutrition as part of a weight loss plan, supported by weight training, cardio routines, subsequent assessments, progress monitoring, accountability etc… …the implication […]

Fitness Attitude: It’s All In Our Head

Body mind connection

Our tendencies to avoid pain prevent us from reaching our goals. We are capable of justifying (fabricating) the most outrageous behaviors in order to avoid stepping into the uncertain, the unfamiliar. Until is too late…. or a lot more difficult.

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