Is Exercise Really Necessary?

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Are you wondering if exercise is really necessary? Did you know that regular exercise boosts brain power, reduces heart disease risk, and lowers cholesterol levels? According to researchers, just one and half hours of physical activity per week can decrease your risk of premature death by over 20 percent, and the risk of diabetes by […]

No Time For Weight Loss?-The Myth Of Time

The Myth Of No Time For Weight Loss Like most busy people, I imagine you have NO time for weight loss programs. It does require time and energy. I’d bet your schedule is already tight and stressful, and your life is hectic enough..ugh! When I write about  time and specially lack of,  I am always reminded of a […]

What Is Body Transformation?

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What Is The Difference Between Body Transformation And Muscle Building?” Today I wanted to talk about body transformation because I get this question often: ‘What is the difference between body transformation and muscle building?’ 

Choose The Right Weight Loss Program

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How To Choose The Right Weight Loss Program Stop Falling For The Hype About The Latest And Greatest Weight Loss Programs   Have The Weight Loss Blues? Have you finally made a conscious determination to start and stick to a weight loss program but don’t know where to begin? You are not alone. With so much contradicting […]

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