How To Gain Muscle-Tips For Ladies

food for strong bones

Ladies, Learn How To Gain Muscle To Stay Strong And Prevent Osteoporosis We exercise to burn fat and lose weight, but did you know that when done correctly, regular exercise not only results in muscle gain, (nicely defined) but it stimulates new bone growth? If you are a woman over 35 and you exercise, you are improving […]

The Glycemic Index Of Foods-Know Your GI Levels

What Is The Glycemic Index Of Foods, And how Can It help You Make Better Food Choices? Knowing what foods are good for you, what to add to your list of good carbs and proteins, or what fats to avoid  can be a struggle. Eating for  optimal nutrition, however,  doesn’t have to be complicated if we understand […]

The ABC’s Of Bad Carbs- Why We Love Them

Bad carbs. The more forbidden they are, the more appealing they become and the more we love them. Isn’t that a fact? Did you wake up this morning craving a delicious chocolate chip cookie or two and had to have them before heading to the shower? If so, you are like the great majority of Americans in need […]

Fitness and Health: Myths and Facts

be healthy and fit

Straight From My Personal Trainer Manual: ‘Fitness and Health: Myths and Facts’ “Health is a disease-free state of well-being that allows an individual to experience improved quality of life and independence. “Fitness is a criterion-based measure of physical performance. A person does not have to  be fit to be healthy, nor is a person guaranteed […]

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